The DEVTEST 10.5 docker image for the active/inactive API is not working as expected


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The DevTest 10.5 registry docker image given for retrieving active/inactive VSEs [specific to our env] is not working as expected. 


We tested the VSE active/inactive API from the latest image patch and Please find the observations below


  • Active is working as expected
  • Inactive We deployed the VSE from different namespace with two mar files and undeployed it. This VSE didn’t show up when tried to retrieve inactive VSEs through API.

    We checked in the VSE_METRICS_EVENTS table in DB we are able to see in the ACTION column with values UP for undeployed VSEs and there are now DOWN entries




Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Provided new Lisa docker images.  

Additional Information

Please refer to DE439107 when opening a ticket.