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Incorrectly able to add actuals in TSV on task for effort tasks with one assignment in Classic PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Users are incorrectly able to edit actual hours in time scale value (TSV) section of an effort task if there is only one resource assigned to the task. 

Steps to Reproduce:

1.     Ensure Allow effort task creation is checked in Administration->Settings

2.     Create a new project in Clarity PPM (open for time, track mode PPM)

3.     Add one resource to the project via the team tab (Important to just have one team member)

(Team member should be Open for time on the project and open for time with track mode of PPM at the Resource level)

4.     Go to the tasks tab, and click on the effort task that was auto created

(Task should be Open for Time entry)

5.     Create a TSV on the task list

a.      Click the options (gear) icon and then configure

b.     From List Column Section, select Fields

c.      Click New

d.     Select Display Type of ‘Time Scaled Value’ and click Next

e.      Under Value Attributes, move Actuals and ETC to Selected

f.      Add a name in Column Label

g.     Check Show Legend Column and Show Column Label

h.     Set Time Scale to Monthly and enter a number of time periods

i.       Click Save

j.       Check the check box for ‘Allow Editing’ and click Save and Return and Save and Return again

6.     On the TSV for one month, double click the cell for Actuals and enter a value and Save

Expected Results: Actuals added in step 6 are deleted, since actuals can’t be entered from task or assignment, instead via a Timesheet

Actual Results: Actuals added in step 6 are saved.


Release : 15.6.1



This issue is no longer reproducible as of Clarity PPM 15.7.