Resolving CA Ideal error IDADXSSP23E


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CA Ideal


When trying to mark a CA Ideal program to PROD status, error IDADXSSP23E is returned. The error message is

IDADXCPG08E - Previous system abend during EDIT of PGM xxxxxxxx, unable to MARK.

Similar message IDADXCPG08E is returned when trying to DUP the program.


Release : 15.0, 15.1

Component : CA IDEAL


When an edit session fails, subsequent activities against that program will most often get this IDADXSSP23 error. Here is the message description from the documentation (version 15.1):

A MARK STATUS command was issued for a REPORT or PANEL or PROGRAM definition, but the previous EDIT of that definition ended abnormally. The MARK STATUS was not executed.
Issue an EDIT command for the definition. Then select either CHECKPOINT or ROLLBACK. Verify that the resulting definition is correct, and then reissue the MARK STATUS command.

Please try to edit the member (for each of the sections - WOR, RES, etc.), and reviewing the program. If you believe that everything looks good, issue a CHECKPOINT command to lock in the changes, or a ROLLBACK command to undo updates back to the last checkpoint. Once this is done, you can compile the program again and try once more to mark the status to PROD.

Additional Information

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.