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Clarity PPM: How to Submit timesheets with Rest api


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How to submit a timesheet in Clarity using Rest API



Release : 15.7

Component : Timesheet


In order to submit a timesheet, the prerequisite is to create the timesheet in clarity and once you have the timesheet Id then you can create the sample JSON response and submit the timesheet


URL :- http://hostname/ppm/rest/v1/timesheets/{timesheetinternalid}

Method :- PUT

Additional Header :- x-api-force-patch = true


JSON Body :- 

    "_internalId": 5021xxx, 
    "submittedBy": "1",
    "status": "1"


internalid is the timesheet internal ID.

submittedBy is the internal id of the resource who submitted the timesheet.

Status = 1 is Submitted.

Status = 2 is returned.

Status = 3 is Approved.

Additional Information

More information on API can be found in our product API Documentation