How to add new Perl libraries required for custom EPA pluings?


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There are custom EPA plugins developed to access LDAP/Oracle/MS SQL/PostGres server backends to retrieve specific data, however these custom plugins require some Perl libraries such as NET::LDAP,  DBD::Oracle, DBD::ODBC, DBD::Pg to make it to work. For example, EPAgent fails to execute the below test Perl script:  <EPAgent_home>/epaplugins/ 

#import our modules
use FindBin;
use lib ("$FindBin::Bin", "$FindBin::Bin/../lib/perl");
use Wily::Config; # Config file parser
use Wily::LogReader; # log reading
use strict;
use Getopt::Long; 

How can we configure Perl libraries in the EPAgent?    


Perl is not shipped/integrated with the EPAgent but it is a requirement. From "EPAgent Requirements" section in our guides:

EPAgent Requirements

The EPAgent requires the following third-party software:
* PERL 5.11 at a minimum to run the examples
* JVM 1.5 at a minimum for Java-Based EPAgent

EPAgent Requirements


EPAgent 10.x


You have 2 possible solutions:

Option 1) Install Perl globally on the server so EPAgent is able to find the Perl libraries

Option 2) Copy/install Perl under "EPAGENT_DIR/epaplugins/lib". This will allow the EPagent process to find all the required Perl libraries