DevTest 10.3 Portal auto refresh option


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


This patch is developed specifically for DevTest 10.3 to have auto refresh on portal disable or set the time period or be able to increase/decrease for all the users.

This feature is available OOB from DevTest version 10.4 and above.


Release : 10.3 only.

Component : CA Application Test


The portal auto-refresh configurable options from 10.4 has been back-ported to version 10.3 and provided as patch. Raise a support case and refer the defect number "DE439226".

How to apply the patch

1. Stop Portal service

2. Create a folder with name as patches under LISA_HOME\webserver folder

3. Place the patch file phoenix-10.3.0-DE439226.war in 'patches' folder

4. Add following properties to the file LISA_HOME\


NOTE: If the file doesnt exist, then rename the file to and use it

5. Start Portal Service

6. Login to Portal and confirm if Auto-refresh is disabled and when it is enabled, it should show the refresh interval as 120 seconds by default.