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What is the impact of CommitCntDel and CommitCnt is the Automic Client Copy


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The documentation states that modification to these may impact performance, but what modifications could be made?


Release : 12.x



The value for CommitCntDel (and CommitCnt) would need to be decided between the Administrator and the DBA.

This does limit the number of records deleted during a single transaction; having larger values requires larger rollback segments, but needs fewer commits/writes to the redo log (and vice versa).

Please note that CommitCnt is utilized for AH, RH, RT, MELD and CommitCntDel is utilized for all other tables.

As a start, review usage of CommitCnt, set CommitCntDel to the same value and monitor from there - if rollback space is sufficient and there are too many logswitches occurring, increase CommitCntDel.

For example, if enough space is available, a good start would be increasing the value from default 1000 to 5000 for both CommitCnt and CommitCntDel.

This should reduce a lot the time to delete/import several million records.