How to configure processes monitoring using SNMP in vApp?
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How to configure processes monitoring using SNMP in vApp?


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I am trying to set up snmpd for monitoring various processes in vApp.  I have put the following entry in the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file:

   proc wildfly-idm

and started snmpd. However, when I run the following command in vApp

  snmpwalk -v 1 localhost -c public .


  snmpwalk -v 2c localhost -c public .

I get the following:

   End of MIB
   UCD-SNMP-MIB::prTable = No more variables left in this MIB View (It is past the end of the MIB tree)


Release : 14.2, 14.3

Component : Identity Suite


UCD process table MIB is not exposed by default


You need to add the following line in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf to expose UCD process table MIB.

view    systemview    included   .

After that restart snmpd, i.e.

  service snmpd stop

  service snmpd start

and try to snmpwalk using v1 or v2c. Now you should see some results.

SNMP v3 is not configured by default. If you wish to configuration SNMP v3, please refer


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