ServiceNow incidents are no longer closed by sdgtw probe


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SDGTW probe was working fine with ServiceNow but recently stopped closing tickets in ServiceNow

Entries captured in the sdgtw.log

[pool-28-thread-2, sdgtw] responseCode :: [404] response message :: [Not Found]
[pool-28-thread-2, sdgtw] Error while calling the resolve Incident INC0010013$ServiceNow java.lang.Exception: {"Error":{"ErrorCode":130,"ErrorMessage":"Invalid Incident ID: e96ae9991be50010ffb831d7dc4bcb79","HTTPResponseCode":"NOT_FOUND","HTTPResponseCodeValue":404}}


SDGTW probe is not configured with a require Field Mappings enforced by the ServiceNow policy for ticket closures


Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM - SDGTW


1. Enable the SDGTW CA-NIM-SM trace log file with steps below:

a. Navigate to the <installPath>\Nimsoft\probes\gateway\sdgtw\NIMSM_WORKSPACE\webapp\WEB-INF\config directory and make a backup of log4j2.xml 

b. Modify the log4j2.xml file. Change all occurrences of the following strings:

From :

Save the changes.

c. Cold start (deactivate then activate) the sdgtw probe

2. Reproduce the alarm closure problem (UIM alarm is closed but the corresponding incident is not closed in ServiceNow).

3. Review both the sdgtw.log and the <installPath>\Nimsoft\probes\gateway\sdgtw\NIMSM_WORKSPACE\webapp\WEB-INF\logs\Nim.log

Example of what you may see in the Nim.log

[qtp1574589587-686] ERROR common.GenericSOAPDispatchService: WebserviceException thrown in Invoke With Retry: Exhausted all retries with exception message 'com.glide.processors.soap.SOAPProcessingException: Update Aborted : Data Policy Exception: 
The following fields are mandatory: Resolution code, Close notes

In the above scenario, the ServiceNow policy requires that both the Resolution Code and Close Note be populated when tickets are closed.

This can also be verified by manually closing the ticket in ServiceNow as you will be prompted to fill in the required fields.

4. Make sure to revert back the original <installPath>\Nimsoft\probes\gateway\sdgtw\NIMSM_WORKSPACE\webapp\WEB-INF\config\log4j2.xml file

Resolution 1: Consult with the ServiceNow admin to validate the required fields seen in the Nim.log and configured them in the SDGTW probe. 

Resolution 2. Consult with the ServiceNow admin and confirm if the Resolution Code and Close Note fields requirements can be removed for ticket closures