Gen CICS application Maintenance Issue
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Gen CICS application Maintenance Issue


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Our applications use the Gen tool for development.  In the compile,link and bind step we have the tool set up for external libraries that should be used.  


We can change this for the CICS dataset name change.  Any online programs that were previously compiled, Linked and bound have the CICS load lib included in the load module.  Example:

For our CICS Maintenance,  we are changing the CICS library dataset names to a new naming convention with system symbols:


 The last time we applied CICS maintenance the library names in step one was all that was required.  Can you confirm that this is all that is required this time or do we need to relink and test every module to pick up the new libraries? This would be a huge effort. 


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Build Tool

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For DB2 and CICS loads, use an alias to point to the latest release w/maintenance. Then use the GA release in PARMLIB(TIRHE). 

It is not required that you specify system loads in the Business System external load library list. We will pick that up from PARMLIB.  The avoids changes to EVERY models/Business Systems External Load Library.  When a 3rd party app changes, only PARMLIB(TIRHE) need to change. A symbol parm cannot be used in the external loads. It must be a valid library. Also CICS and DB2 (per IBM) are upwardly compatible so it is not necessary to relink your applications.