OWB Executable for a Broadcom Clarity Release
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OWB Executable for a Broadcom Clarity Release


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How can you get a copy of the executable / zipped file for Open Workbench (OWB) that's compatible with your  release? 


Release : All Supported Releases


  1. Ensure you have the following global access right: Software Download - Open Workbench.
  2. Download the OWB file from Clarity via Home->Account settings->Software downloads.
  3. Run the OWB exe and then go through the installation prompts to install OWB

    Note: Prior to installing the new version:
    • Make a backup of any views you may have saved in the folders if they are still there
    • Uninstall any prior OWB components from the workstation (including both Open Workbench and Schedule Connect)

Also, the file is available as an executable, not a zipped file. You can make the executable into a zip as needed.

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