[AWA v12.x]UCYBCRYP utility encrypts password but does not work for UCSrv.ini
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[AWA v12.x]UCYBCRYP utility encrypts password but does not work for UCSrv.ini


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Use UCYBCRYP.exe to encrypt the password uc4

This is done via 

D:\Test>UCYBCRYP.exe -p -n uc4



Edit the password.ucc to get the encrypted version of the password - нн10E9734BDAD2EC91FE3FEECF198A2AAB32

The нн has to be removed from the encrypted password:


The updated UCSrv.ini with SQLDRIVERCONNECT=ODBCVAR=SNNNNNRN,DSN=automic;UID=automic;PWD=--10E9734BDAD2EC91FE3FEECF198A2AAB32

The following error shows up in the wp log:

20191202/133832.459 - 27     U00003545 UCUDB: Opening database ...

20191202/133832.599 - 27     U00003611 DB OPEN executed. Return Code = '18456'

20191202/133832.599 - 27     U00003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'S0001', 'Login failed for user 'automic'. ClientConnectionId:6c1b39e8-9046-4ddf-8263-70768eb975d4', '18456', 'com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerException'

20191202/133832.599 - 27     U00032031 Error when connecting to Database

20191202/133832.615 - 31     U00003432 Termination of Server 'AUTOMICD#WP' initiated.




Using notepad ++ instead of notepad to edit password.ucc adds different characters


Use notepad instead of notepad ++

Alternatively, you can insert the two dashes at the beginning of the password manually:

  • Open the password.ucc file with notepad
  • Copy all characters after the two dashes
  • Open ucsrv.ini
  • Remove the current password, manually type in the two dashes, paste in the characters copied from the .ucc file
  • Save the changes to ucsrv.ini
  • Start the system back up

For instance if the password.ucc file includes: --10E9734BDAD2EC91FE3FEECF198A2AAB32, copy the part following the -- (10E9734BDAD2EC91FE3FEECF198A2AAB32).  Open the ucsrv.ini file, go to where the password should be and type in two dashes, then paste in the non-dash characters from above.