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How to see all probe packages deployed to a robot


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There are a number of packages that are needed for functionality, and yet once deployed, they do not show up in either the IM or Admin Console. This provides a method to see all of the packages deployed to a robot and their details such as version and build.


Via IM console 

Select the robot -> select controller -> double click or right click Configure to open the GUI interface -> choose Status -> Installed packages > there will be a popup with the list of installed packages and click the + to the left of a package to expand and display all of the details.


Via Admin Console 

Select the robot -> Installed Packages -> click the export icon, the 'square with the arrow' -> it will be saved to disk in the naming format of InstalledPackage_xxxxx.csv containing:

"Package","Version","Build Number","Description"



Via PU command. 

pu -u <UIM administrator account name> -p <UIM administrator account password> <UIM robot address>controller inst_list > inst.txt

pu -u administrator -p Hello /9.2-DOM/P_hub/oldcabi/controller inst_list_summary > oldcabi-inst.txt

Or use inst_list if the complete details are desired. 


Additional Information

The list of packages displayed is maintained local at the robot in:  

PU.EXE documentation page:
Run Probe Commands from a Command Prompt

Query to provide the list of robot UIM addresses. 
SELECT distinct r.address 
from cm_device cd
join cm_nimbus_robot r on r.dev_id=cd.dev_id 
join cm_computer_system cs on cs.cs_id=cd.cs_id