MFWebhookServer logs written to CCS Tomcat directory
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MFWebhookServer logs written to CCS Tomcat directory


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Endevor Endevor - ECLIPSE Plugin


Download mfwebhookserver.war from support web site (CA Endevor SCM Integrations for Enterprise DevOPs V18.1 iso), then define MFWebhookServer logs to be written to the Endevor Web Service directory, logs are instead being written to the CCS Tomcat directory structure.

The CCS Directory structure is READ ONLY and therefore the attempts to write the log entries into this structure fail.

The Endevor Web Service Environment file has the following statements:


# IJO="$IJO -Dmf.webhook.root=${CATALINA_BASE}/logs"                                                         
  IJO="$IJO -Dmf.webhook.root=/plexc1/u/users/endevorQA/RDV181/WEBSPROD/tpv/tomcat/MFWebhookserver"          
  IJO="$IJO -Dmf.webhook.xml.conf=/plexc1/u/users/endevorQA/RDV181/WEBSPROD/tpv/tomcat/MFWebhookserver/conf" 
# IJO="$IJO -Dmf.webhook.file.encoding=ISO8859-1"                                                            

Note that the webhook.root indicates the directory structure of the Catalina_Base.

When the service explodes the MFWebhookServer WAR file, it then starts writing log entries into the Catalina_Home directory structure:


2019-12-04 19:40:34,936 main ERROR Unable to create file /C/cai/CASoftware/CCS/R150/tpv/apache-tomcat-9.0.14/logs/webhookLogs/mfWebh
ookMain.log Could not create directory /C/cai/CASoftware/CCS/R150/tpv/apache-tomcat-9.0.14/logs/webhookLogs    
.at org.apache.logging.log4j.core.util.FileUtils.mkdir(                                                          

The Webhook Logs SHOULD NOT be written to the TOMCAT (Catalina_Home) directory structure, but to the Endevor (Catalina_Base) directory structure.


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


mfwebhookserver.war from CA Endevor SCM Integrations for Enterprise DevOPs V18.1 iso is on version 2.3,  this version does not take the user defined webhook.root from the ENV file. and only use Catalina_Home as webhook root directory.  

This issue has already been fixed in webhook server version 2.5, customer can contact Endevor support to get the new version of mfwebhookserver.war before the next official Enterprise DevOPs release.