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UNIX: Clarity upgrade fails with "runuser: may not be used by non-root users"


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Clarity PPM On Premise


When upgrading Clarity, it fails with error message:

12/03/19 2:47 PM (Target) Target "_stop-service" started.

12/03/19 2:47 PM (Echo) service id = bg

12/03/19 2:47 PM (Echo)  servicecmd = service

12/03/19 2:47 PM (ExecTask) runuser: may not be used by non-root users

12/03/19 2:47 PM (UnknownElement) Task "exec" finished with error.

/app/clarity156/install.xml:1161: exec returned: 1







Release : All supported Clarity releases on UNIX OS


This means you have an issue with the user you run the upgrade with. The user is trying to stop the services and it cannot. Check what your configuration for the user is and what is the root user in properties.xml to address this. We suggest to run the upgrade with the same user that runs Clarity.

The other thing we suggest is to stop and remove services prior to starting the upgrade.