CA View - Report Processed as One Report, Need to Separate Them


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The client had a job whose reports were indexed and separated for browsing. 
A change was made whereas the job lost the indexing, and the reports were stored together under the jobname. 

The client had since redefined job reports, so the reports were returned to individual reports.

For the affected job runs, the client would like to have the reports separated back out. 



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


If the reports are text reports (not AFP or PDF), they can be written to datasets, using SARBCH /LOAD DDNAME=...

The datasets could then be split, to the proper reports, and IEBGENER can be used to run the reports into CA View, with name assignment either via jobname or writer.

The resulting reports can then be indexed, if a logical view is defined for the report, including Page Separation criteria.