API-1007 error when trying to access Resources menu in New UX
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API-1007 error when trying to access Resources menu in New UX


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We have a Clarity Resource Manager with Resource - Navigate rights trying to access the Resources menu in the New User Experience and receiving errors:

"Could Not load the view"

"API-1007 You are not authorized to process request"


Release : 15.7

Component : Clarity Resource Management


Team rights are required to access the Resources menu in the New UX.


Please review the following documentation and the prerequisites to manage Resources and Teams.

New User Experience: Manage Resources and Teams


Ensure that you have the following access rights to use this feature:

  • Resource Management – Navigate  Allows user access to the Resource management pages in the new user experience. The user will only be able to view information for teams to which the user has access.
  • Team – Create
  • Team – Delete – All
  • Team – Edit – All
  • Team – View – All
    For more information, see New User Experience: Team Access Rights in CA PPM Access Rights Reference

View the Team List
Ian wants to allocate a specific requirement to a dedicated team. Ian has Team - View access right. Ian wants to view all the teams currently available for people planning and work allocation.
Ian navigates to the Resources page, he can view the list of teams, the number of resources that are allocated to each team, who created the team or last modified it. Ian can use the (+) plus icon to add new team, use ADD FILTER button to filter the teams using team name or team ID. Ian can also filter teams based on team status. By default active team status is selected for the ACTIVE STATUS filter.  Ian can clear the filter to see list of active and inactive teams. Inactive teams are highlighted in gray, in the search results.