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The following is suggested for scheduling Clarity Jobs to accommodate business reporting for the organization. There are many jobs in Clarity to generate reporting data. The essential ones are necessary and the order should they be scheduled.


All Clarity Environments



Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting jobs

Run the following jobs to get the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting domains/reports populated.

-Time Slice
-Update Report Tables (select all parameter options as needed)
-Create and Update Jaspersoft Users
-Investment Allocation
-Load Data Warehouse
-Load Data Warehouse Access Rights

Additional Information

The following jobs will populate the Data Warehouse database and to the out of the box portlets and Advanced Reporting reports. Suggestions on how to set the duration and incompatible jobs list by navigating to Administration, Data Administration, Reports and Jobs and filtering for the job in question.



Notes/Job Incompatibility List

-Time Slicing

Run every minute.  

Get time-sliced data available various internal and external slice tables.




Datamart Extraction (Default)

Delete Investments (Default)

Datamart Rollup (Default)

Rate Matrix Extraction (Recommended)

Post Timesheets (Recommended)

Post Transactions to Financials (Recommended)

Investment Allocation (Recommended)

Import Financial Actuals (Recommended)

Update Earned Value and Cost Totals (Recommended)

Load Data Warehouse (Recommended)
Include any other job or report that reads from the slice tables (Recommended)

-Investment Allocation  

Run only once per day, before the full Rate Matrix Extraction job


Populates the project list page.


Load Data Warehouse
Rate Matrix Extraction

Time Slicing

 -Create and Update Jaspersoft Users

 Run after users have been granted Advanced Reporting access rights.


-Update Report Tables

-Load Data Warehouse Access Rights

 -Load Data Warehouse

  1. Run incrementally (without the "full load"parameter) at key times during work day.

Run with the "Full load" parameter nightly.

Time Slicing (Recommended)
Investment Allocation (Recommended)
Rate Matrix Extraction


How to Run Reports from Clarity PPM Reports and Jobs