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The policy store could not be initialized manual Policy Store config


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When configuring the Policy Store manually, and running the

  smreg -su password

the command reports error :

    The policy store could not be initialized.
    Failed to create the super user account.

and seen in the Policy Server logs :

smps.log :

  [6840/2692][Thu Nov 28 2019
  17:56:00][CServer.cpp:3887][INFO][sm-Server-01780] Starting main
  Reactor thread

  [6840/7084][Thu Nov 28 2019
  17:56:00][CSmDbUtilities.cpp:465][ERROR][sm-Odbc-00060] Failed to
  connect to datasource 'myPStore128SP03'.

  [6840/4416][Thu Nov 28 2019
  17:56:00][SmObjProvider.cpp:188][ERROR][sm-Server-03090] Policy
  store failed operation 'Save' for object type 'RootConfig'
  . Unexpected error in database interface. Error code -1063

XPSDDInstall.2019-11-25_160645.log :

  [3716/3652][Mon Nov 25 2019
  16:06:47][CSmDbUtilities.cpp:465][ERROR][sm-Odbc-00060] Failed to
  connect to datasource 'myPStore128SP03'.

smtracedefault.log :

  [][][][][][][][Connection myPStore128SP03: Bad connection status 
  on SQL call.][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][

  ][][][][Connection myPStore128SP03: Changing object state 'Initia
  lized' to state 'Hung'.][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][]

  ][][][Connection myPStore128SP03: Disconnecting the connection.][

  ordset::Update][][][][][][][][][][][][][][Unexpected error in databa
  se interface. Error code -1063][][][][][][][Caught an exception 'Une
  xpected error in database interface. Error code -1063'][][][][][][][

and as such the Policy Store initialization can't continue.




Policy Server 12.8SP3;




Run Command : 


and select the option to initialize the Policy Store to solve the
error when you run "smreg -su password" command.