NRM firmware version is not polulating


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


For some devices, Spectrum is unable to display their Firmware Version. The version is present in the sysDescr (0x10052) attribute however It is not displayed.


The Firmware Version field displays the value contained in the NRM_RunningFirmware attribute.

Spectrum, by default, extracts the firmware version from the sysDescr (0x10052) attribute.

To extract the version Spectrum uses the filters defined in the table NRM_RunningFirmwareFilters attribute.

Above regex filters should cover the most of certified devices, however there could be some devices not yet certified for which Spectrum could not extract the firmware version from the sysDescr using the above filters.

For certified devices the Firmware version should be properly mapped out of the box in Spectrum.


Release : 10.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Edit via MTE (Model Type Editor) the NRM_RunningFirmwareFilters table adding a new regular expression filter to successfully extract the firmware version of your device.

for example if the sysDescr contains:

Pulse Secure,LLC,Pulse Connect Secure,PSA-5000,8.3R7.1 (build 65025)

the filter to add to NRM_RunningFirmwareFilters table could be: Pulse.*((?:\w+\W+){5})