11.5 Web Viewer - Formatting Problems
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11.5 Web Viewer - Formatting Problems


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Output Management Web Viewer


The job creates a tab-delimited file that is sent to CA VIEW.  The tabs are not working correctly in the new URL display of that file.  

There was this problem before when there was a change to CA View,  and that you were able to change some formatting settings on the software.



Release : 11.5

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


There was a difference in the code page between the server that was working OK and the one (new) where the report browse at Page 8 was improperly formatted - no visible columns/tabs. Because the customer runs with DRAS Client Translation=ON, the Client/server based code page is used in report EBCIC to ASCII translation.

  1. Rename the attached file to 1252-1140.cp and put it in the Scripts folder of the Web Viewer r11.5 server
  2. the DRAS task's Set Client Translation parameter must be set to ON 

IMPORTANT: Save this file to use in case a new install of Web Viewer 11.5 is done.  Repeat 1. and .2 above for the new server.


1575490736477__new_1252-1140.cp get_app