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Built-in Viptela Groups are not Populating Correctly from Virtual Network Assurance (VNA)


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Items are missing from the built-in Viptela groups and do not appear in the VNA inventory


In the gateway.log we see many:

Caused by: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (vna.subnetted_ip_address, CONSTRAINT FK_subnetip_networkinterface FOREIGN KEY (networkInterfaceId) REFERENCES inventory (id) ON DELETE NO ACTION ON UPDATE NO ACTION)

This is indicative of the following which is fixed in VNA 3.7.6 and later:


 Items are missing from VNA due to persistence failures while processing messages.


 Updated the VNA persistence error handling to prevent failures from rolling back message processing. Additionally, updated the persistence logic to correctly persist additional objects that were previously leading to persistence failures.

(3.7.6, DE435483, 20099081,20093248)



Release : 3.6

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Restarting wildfly on the VNA server may work around this temporarily but the issue may return unless VNA is upgraded to 3.7.6 or later.

service wildfly stop
service wildfly start