How to override interface speed
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How to override interface speed


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I have a device where interface speed is being discovered incorrectly on the Data Aggregator, how do I change this?

I have an interface that is showing 168% values, why are we seeing this?


Release : All Supported Versions

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


We get the interface speeds from the MIB values.

If the MIB has the wrong value, then it should be reset by the device admin.

But they do not always have the time or insight into the problem.


To change the speed you can either:

1) Do it in the Data Aggregator device page, from NetOps Portal:

Administration->Monitored Items Management->Monitored devices

Find the device in the Tree View or Use the Search tab and select the device

On the right, click the Polled Metric Families tab

Find the "Interface" Metric Family in the list and select the row (don't click on the word Interface, click the row it is in)

At the bottom under Components, you should see the interfaces, select the interface and click edit or right-click and select edit.

Set the speed accordingly.

2) Or  from the interface context page:

Edit fields that are listed for an item in the Information section of the Details tabs in a context page.

You must have the following role rights to edit the speed:

Modify Interface Speed Overrides

Follow these steps:

Select the Details tab.

Click the Edit icon in the Information section.

Edit the  Speed In (bps), or Speed Out (bps) as needed.

If these are not set, they appear blank.

If you edit an interface that does not exist on the Data Aggregator, the following fields are unavailable:
Speed In (bps)
Speed Out (bps)

Click Save.

If you cleared Speed In (bps) or Speed Out (bps), the change takes a few minutes to appear.

Additional Information

The speed is only being changed within the context of PM, we are not making any changes to the actual device.

Just changing the value we use to calculate with.