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CA View - How to Change a Report's Print Class


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Deliver View


The client's sysout class for a report, processed through CA Deliver, is SYSOUT=P, and they would like to change the print class to another output class, to print to a class other than P, in CA View.

How can this be done?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


As the Deliver ARCHn parameters can send a report to a designated class/dest/form, usually associated with a CA View database, the class that the report was processed from carries with the report.

In View, if a report was processed from sysout class C, then a reprint of that report will go to class C.

SARINIT parameter PRTCLSL=... can be used to change the print class to another setting, not using what class the report was collected with. Or, with doing a View reprint, the print class can be changed on that panel.