CA Automation Point installation issues with ooRexx
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CA Automation Point installation issues with ooRexx


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Automation Point


While installing the new release 11.6 of CA AP on new windows 2016 server.

The message appears the RXAPI is not installed.
First the install discovers there is a process running, however when trying to stop it and install the new one, it says it cannot guarantee it is down and will not install the new version.
It also instruct to go into task manager and manually stop it.

It is however not visible active in task manager. 
The installation stops and cannot be completed.



Release : 11.6

Component : CA Automation Point


We are still investigating why the install process noticed that there is a RXAPI service registered.
We found a workaround.

The workaround consists of creating a dummy RXAPI service with dummy executable and then running the installer.
The workaround can be done by following steps:

1) Create an empty textfile anywhere on your machine.
2) Rename the textfile to rxapi.exe to create the dummy executable.
3) Open windows command prompt as administrator and enter following command (please replace “C:\Administrator\Desktop\rxapi.exe” with full path to your executable):
        sc create RXAPI binPath= "C:\Administrator\Desktop\rxapi.exe"
4) You should see following message as response:
       [SC] CreateService SUCCESS
5) Run the oorexx installer from AP folder and see if you can install open object now (even if successful you might still get a warning about the RXAPI service during the installation)
6) Whether successful or not. Open windows command prompt as administrator again and run following command:
      sc delete RXAPI

Steps to re-register the actual RXAPI service that has now been installed:
1) Open windows command prompt as administrator
2) Enter following command (please replace “C:\Program Files (x86)\ooRexx\rxapi.exe” with full path to the rxapi executable that is inside your oorexx installation folder):
      sc create RXAPI start=auto binPath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\ooRexx\rxapi.exe"