How to migrate a CA Gen CSE Oracle database (schema) to a Microsoft SQL Server database


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Does CA Gen have a utility to unload a CA Gen CSE Oracle database (schema) and reload into a Microsoft SQL Server database?


Release : 8.6
Component : CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia


CA Gen doesn't provide a utility to migrate a CSE Oracle database to a corresponding Microsoft SQL Server database.
Theoretically one possibility is to use the "Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle (OracleToSQL)":
However from a CSE operational perspective the conversion from the source Oracle schema to the target SQL Server database structure may not result in what would be created by a vanilla CSE SQL Server installation and thus the CSE software may not run as expected.

The supported method for the CSE Oracle to SQL Server migration is to use download with upload + extract options for all models.
The extract option means that ancestry data will be maintained and adoptions will not be required in the new CSE.
NOTE: To prevent any ancestry related corruption problems in the new CSE it must have a different ENCY ID compared to the original CSE.

For further details on download with upload + extract see CSE "Encyclopedia Communications Tasks" in the Gen 8.6 techdocs i.e.
Encyclopedia > Client Server Encyclopedia > Use the Client Server Encyclopedia > Encyclopedia Communication > Encyclopedia Communications Tasks
See section "Copying a Model from Another Encyclopedia" and "Manually Copying a Model from a CSE to a CSE While Preserving Common Ancestry"

Additional Information

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