What's the fastest way to run CA IDMSDBAN against multiple areas?
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What's the fastest way to run CA IDMSDBAN against multiple areas?


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Databases may have many dependent areas listed in an Unload job.  To run DBAN against a large area or a large number of areas & sets, may take a very long time. Running one very large IDMSDBAN as a single job may take even longer if the job for any reason needs to be cancelled, or aborts. This article outlines options to make this situation more manageable.


Release : 18.5 or 19.0

Component : CA IDMS


One of the job steps in running IDMSDBAN executes the program IDMSDBN2. You can't split IDMSDBN2 against one area into smaller jobs, so if any area is large that job may run long. The overall run-time for DBAN against a large group of related areas & sets can be reduced by processing fewer sets or areas at any one time. You can run multiple IDMSDBAN jobs concurrently, each against a different group of areas or sets. You will have to run with the UNLOCKED parameter if there are cross area sets. 

If you take this approach, you will need to use the UNLOCKED parameter if there are cross-area sets being referenced by the various jobs. Also we suggest using these SYSIDMS parameters:


Lastly, in the IDMSDBAN control statement specify the parameter SIZE=E99999999

Additional Information

Documentation and information on using the CA IDMSDBAN utility can be found here: