service exclusions are not applying properly on ntservice probe


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We have kept a few services in automatic state of ntservices probe in 'exclusion.' As per the exclusion, the service expected state should be stopped. Whenever that automatic service gets started, we are getting an alarm as the state is running which should not be generated as per our requirement. Also once the service state again changes to running, the exclusion of that service is not working properly.


Release : 8.51



Here is one isolated example below...if you wanted to EXCLUDE the 'AeXAgentSrvHost' Windows service below you would place <overwrite> tags at the top level AND at the service name level.

<services> overwrite
   <AeXAgentSrvHost> overwrite
      active = no
      display = AeXAgentSrvHost
      credentials = 
      state = stopped
      action = report
      qos_state = no
      profile_name = AeXAgentSrvHost
      msg_max_restarts = 
      msg_restart_detected = 
      msg_restarting = 
      msg_starting = 
      msg_stopping = 
      msg_wrong_state = 
      msg_wrong_credential = 
      msg_service_removed = 
      msg_service_profile_removed = 
      msg_service_send_clear = 
      alarm_on_action = no
      alarm_on_remove = 
      suppress = no
      suppression_key = 


Here is what you normally need to do:

1. Drag and Drop the cdm probe from a source robot machine you want to edit some parameters for, to the local archive and rename it as desired. Then click Ok.
2. Double-click to open the new configuration package
3. Rt-click the package and chose 'Save file as...' and save the ntservices.cfx to the filesystem, e.g., your Desktop.
4. Using Notepad, open the ntservices.cfx and make your desired changes, e.g, Add to one or more sections as desired and alter the parameters/keys.
5. Choose File->Save As and save the edited file as ntservices.cfg to the Desktop. Note you must save it as 'All Files' not a '.txt' file.
6. Rt-click and REMOVE the original ntservices.cfx from the cdm probe configuration package.
7  Rt-click and 'Add file' and add your NEW ntservices.cfg to the package. View the ntservices.cfg file contents to make sure it contains the expected changes/contents.
8. Deploy it to the target machine via drag and drop and check the configuration changes to confirm it was applied.

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