Manage Zendesk with REST Connector without CA API Gateway (Layer 7)


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I know that CA Identity Manager supports Zendesk endpoint. Article 72623 describes that we need to buy CA API Gateway (Layer 7) license and install it and the connection to Zendesk endpoint will be via CA API Gateway (Layer 7). Can I manage Zendesk endpoint without installing CA API Gateway?



Release : 14.3

Component : CA Identity Manager, CA Identity Suite


Zendesk REST Connector (not CA API Gateway based) is only supported in CA Identity Manager version 14.3 onward.

Here is Connector Support Matrix in 14.3

Here is Connector Support Matrix in 14.2

14.2 only supports Zendesk CA API Gateway based Connector (required CA API Gateway install) only.

Before using Zendesk REST Connector you need to enable Password Access API authentication on Zendesk. Go to Admin > CHANNELS > API and enable Password Access API authentication.

Refer to below documentation how you can manage Zendesk with REST Connector for more details.

Manage Zendesk with REST Connector