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Device deleted from Data Aggregator still shows in Performance Center Inventory


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A device was deleted from the Data Aggregator. It was also removed the day before from other Data Sources contributing the same device to Performance Center Inventory. Why does it still appear in the Performance Center Inventory?


The deletion from the final contributing data source, the Data Aggregator in this instance, requires synchronization cycles to complete before it's fully removed from the Performance Center Inventory.


All supported NetOps Performance Management releases


The removal of the device from the Performance Center Inventory, after it's deletion from the last contributing data source, is not an immediate process.

First the last data source to have the device removed has to synchronize the change to Performance Center.

After that is completed when Performance Center recognizes a change was sent to it, it will run a Global Synchronization.

Only when those steps are completed will we see the item removed from Performance Center Inventory.

In an environment with no delays we can expect this process to take anywhere from, depending on timing of prior or in-process synchronizations completing and seeing the change, 5-20 minutes before the item is removed from Performance Center Inventory.

Additional Information

If on a regular basis it takes more than 15-20 minutes for the device to be fully removed from Performance Center Inventory, there may be an issue with the installation. Please open a new support case for further investigation.