Known Clarity issues: tips in using self service
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Known Clarity issues: tips in using self service


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Tips on how to search for known Clarity articles, communities posts, and documentation.


Identify the problem (Step 1)

Identify the problem including errors from the Clarity UI and logs to help in more in-depth searching

Search from the Broadcom support portal (Step 2)

  1. Log in to
  2. Type in the search criteria and click enter
    Example screenshot of results below:
  3. To search specifically for KBs, on the left-hand side of the page under Sources, check Knowledge Articles

    By default, search results include all self-service results including knowledge articles and documentation.

Other Search Engines

You can also search from Google, adding the following to your search string will help narrow this down to Clarity related KBs:

      site: clarity
      Example search phrase:
      site: clarity msp caused a serious error


  • Search using multiple keywords as well as error messages from UI, developer tools, and logs
  • Add Clarity into the search string to help narrow down a search
  • To search for issues impacting a specific release add the release to your search string. Example: "risk create error 15.9.2". Note that the string will return KBs that are either impacted by an issue or where an issue/enhancement is added. It may not include all related KBs noting, particularly those that impact multiple or all releases. 
  • You may need to search for both abbreviations and full words.
  • For issues specific to incremental versus full Load DWH, add incremental or full into the search


You can search documentation results using the search tips above, but if you are looking for a specific section (such as release notes or compatibilities), you can go to Release Information to see all Clarity documentation available for 16.0.1. To see details on a different release, click on the Version 16.0.1 dropdown on the right-hand side of the page. 

Communities forum tip

See the following post to utilize the communities to reach out to other customers and support engineers for help: Getting Started with Broadcom Communities


  • For Clarity, the idea section is not applicable, see Create Enhancement Request for Clarity for the process for Clarity
  • The how to use search in the above link is specific for searching in communities, but you can also search communities posts using the steps in this article and clicking on the Communities tab

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