SpectroSERVER is out of default event codes


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We have been configuring custom events and were using 0xfff0ffff for a special case. However, this apparently
  caused the default event codes to be exhausted.  We have since readjusted the codes and now have the
  0xfff0f000 to 0xfff0ffff unused. However, Spectrum is still complaining that it is out of the default event codes.

How can this be reset


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The out of the box event code range available for customization is from 0xfff0000 to 0xfffffffe. (1,048,575 event codes available for custom events).

The custom event codes were not in sync on all landscapes as the initial work was being performed on
   one landscape. This caused the events to be out of sync.

Modified all landscapes to have the same events (AlertMap/EventDisp files under $SPECROOT/custom/Events) and 
  triggered the SpectroSERVER to reload the events. This resolved the problem.