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We'd like to know how to upgrade the Policy Store data to 12.8SP3 from
Policy Server and Store 12.52 ?



Release : 12.8.03




Here are the high level tasks to lead. Review carefully the 12.8SP3
documentation about upgrade to get more details :


1. Insure that the Policy Store on 12.52 is fully healthy :

   Correct Integrity Errors of Policy Store

   Correct all errors that are detected if any;

2. Export the data using XPSExport;

3. Install a supported ODBC Policy Store;

4. Initialize the ODBC Policy Store :

   How to Configure an Oracle Policy Store

5. Insure that the Policy Server 12.8SP3 can start properly with the
   new Policy Store 12.8SP3 with default objects;

6. Import data from 2. to the Policy Store 12.8SP3 using XPSImport;

Note that you should run XPSExport command with the -xp switch, to
export all Domains and their related objects.

  Where is the smobjexport command gone ?

  XPSExport for Policy Backup

  XPSExport -xb and Host-specific configuration data