rest api for nimsoft not working


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


We are facing issue while acknowledging alert ids through rest api. Due to this we are facing lot of alerts closing issue.




Release : 8.51



UIM has two options for Rest|WS calls - uimapi which runs inside UMP and webservice_rest probe. For the UIMAPI probe, no need to install anything additional as it available on the UMP.

Here is the procedure to access uimapi probe to run WS calls like GET, Post & PUT

  • http://UMP Host or IP/uimapi/docs/index.html
  • Login with an admin user who has Webservices rights
  • It will list available WS operations like Get, Post, Put etc
  • In order to get all available alerts, Hit 'GET' button and then "Try it Out' in the same page
  • In order to acknowledge an alert, you need to use PUT method "

    PUT /alarms/{alarmid}/ack". You need to provde alert id to acknowledge

  • It doesn't allow you to acknowledge outside this WS page, you need to use these methods available in this WS page. If you try this in a browser directly "http://UMP Host/uimapi/alarms/HZ94522459-11869/ack" it throws an 405 error
  • Or you may need to use tools lik SoapUI etc and use PUT method to acknowledge an alert

how to use this probe to acknowledge an alert, please refer probe documentation.