USM Alarm count does not count the historical alarms, only active


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


*** Actual version UMP USM 9.20 ***

The alarm count in USM doesn't count the historical alarms, only the active ones.



General alarm operations are create, update and clear.

UIM classifies alarm updates further as major update and minor update.

  • Minor update is the one for which entire alarm information is same except incrementing supp_count.
  • Major update involves change of alarm message text, severity etc.

By default,  UIM is configured ems/nas in such a way that minor updates to a specific alarm propagates to UIM DB once in 100 updates. Major alarm updates will propagate immediately.

Regarding raw configuration parameters related to Minor alarm updates : 


This configuration controls the publishing of alarm minor updates over NAS internal bus. Out of supp_divisor minor updates only one update will be published to NAS internal BUS. NIS Bridge (component of NAS) consumes this event and writes to UIM DB.

This default configuration was configured as 100. 


This raw configuration controls the propagation of minor alarm updates from NiS Bridge to UIM DB.

If it is set to zero, it propagates all minor updates to UIM DB that are received from NAS internal bus. In other words, only one minor alarm update out of supp_divisor updates will be written to UIM DB. 



If you wish every minor alarm update to be written to UIM DB, we need to configure

  • supp_divisor = 1 
  • nis_update_skip_factor = 0.