Error. No redirect target found in namespace


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We're running a Web Agent and when the browser gets the login.fcc
page, then we see an error in the login page and the Web Agent reports
error :

    "No redirect target found in namespace"

How can we fix that ?




As per the following KD :

  After Web Agent upgrade from 12SP3 to 12.52SP1, the .fcc page shows its code instead of the login page.

you're not running a Customized login.fcc page. As such, you should
set localization='yes' instead of no.

I've reproduced the issue in my lab, as soon as I set the ACO
parameter :


The browser shows :

  Your credentials are not valid for . 
  Please contact your Security Administrator or Help Desk. 

and the Web Agent reports error :
  form template 'C:\Program
  Files\CA\webagent\win64\samples\forms\login.fcc' from cache.]

  No redirect target found in namespace.]

As soon as I set the Web Agent ACO parameter


then the login.fcc form process correctly and I can access the Web Page.




  Web Agent 12.52SP1CR09 on IIS 8.5 2012R2;




Set the Web Agent ACO Parameter 


to solve the issue.