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What are the reasons and solution for alert Probe failed to start. (ex. Probe cdm failed to start, Probe ntevl failed to start etc. We are getting top talkers alerts for such kind of issue for which we are optimizing our CA UIM environment.


- There can be one or more underlying causes for a probe failing to start.


Release : 9.2.0


HUB - 9.20HF6

HUB robot - 9.20HF5

OS - Windows


Probe failed to start issues/errors 

Controller: Probe '<probe_name>' FAILED to start (command = <probe_name>.exe) error = <number_or_error_message)>


The root cause of "Probe failed to start" errors/issues may be due to one or more of the following factors listed below:


- anti-virus

- no valid probe license

- probe requirements not met

- probe dependencies (see probe package Dependencies Tab in local archive)

- probe startup dependencies

  here is one example:

- OS support (trying to run the probe on an untested/unsupported OS/OS version

- probe dependency (dependent probe has not been started)

  Check the most current probe support matrix at  

- insufficient memory

- Required .NET version is not present on the robot

- java min/max settings increased and the probe wont start because there is not enough physical memory available on the system

- Robot's JAVA environment is incorrectly configured, e.g., JAVA_HOME, classpath, etc.

- multiple versions java on the robot and probe is using the wrong version/instance

- Required libraries for probe on Linux/UNIX OS not present

- response-type probe incorrectly configured (connection profile)

- not enough space on the local filesystem to writ to the filesystem

- defect (hotfix may be available)

  Check the hotfix site here: index/ca-unified-infrastructure-management-hotfix-index.html?r=2

- corruption of configuration/probe db where applicable

- wrong java version

- probe has been deprecated (as of the UIM version you're running)

- probe cannot get a port (first_probe_port not configured to 48000 in robot.cfg, or port blocked or local firewall blocking)

- not enough resources, e.g., handles/threads

- hub-robot pairing

- probe needs a cold start or restart

- Robot name or IP was changed

- probe needs security validation (which can be automated via nas AO LUA script)

- robot cycled/system rebooted, UIM upgraded, etc., and required order of probe startup/probe dependencies has been violated

- AS400/iSeries systems - (DNS resolution issue or incorrect domain name settings on the AS400 OS)

Its best to open a support cases for this issue on a case-by-case basis and attach the given probe logs at loglevel 5, use logsize 5000, and describe the UIM environment and probe versions generating the alert.

Note that one of the most common reasons listed above for a probe 'failed to start' alarm is anti-virus:

Here is an example and solution explained in a tech tip.

Tech Tip: UIM "Probe 'cdm' FAILED to start (command = cdm.exe) error = (5) Access is denied"

The controller.log may reveal such an issue or a check of the Windows event log (Application/System).

Normally, the root cause can be revealed in the controller logs and/or event logs on the robot machine.