FDRABR restore failed with IEFTMS50 1XX-04


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FDRABR restore failed with 
IEFTMS50 nxx-rc,jobname,stepname,ddname,dddd,vvvvvv,fsq,dsname,TMC=tmdsn17                                                                          
IEFTMS50 ***** CA 1 ABEND,modulename,intercept#                            

Looking at the TMSBINQ report and tapemap for that volume everything is correct.
What is the reason for the Abend?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


The FDRABR catalog was not correct. I contained the wrong file sequence number for the data set being restored resulting in IEFTMS50 1XX-04

It allocated the tape data set with label 102 although it the data set had file sequence number 65.

To fix the problem uncatalog and recatalog the data set with the correct file sequence number in the FDRABR catalog.