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PPA_WIP_VALUES - 'Total Amount' calculation for NATURAL currency type does not truncate rate to 2 decimal places


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Following are the steps to reproduce this behaviour:

1. Put in a transaction into a project(through XOG or voucher entry) with: 
    a. Bill Rate = 73.3333 
    b. Units = 165 
2. Run the following jobs: 
    a. Post Transactions to Financials 
    b. Post to WIP 
3. Query the PPA_WIP table to get the TRANSNO 
4. Using the TRANSNO, query the PPA_WIP_VALUES table, and make note of TOTALAMOUNT for HOME and NATURAL currency types 

Expected Results: Same value is calculated for both HOME and NATURAL currency types. 

Actual Results: Value for HOME is calculated by truncating Bill Rate to 2 decimal places, whereas for NATURAL the entire Bill Rate is considered, resulting in a mismatch between these values. 


Version: 15.7.1


This behaviour has been determined to be as intended. Precision is not enforced on NATURAL currency_type.

It should also be noted that there is an option to apply currency precision for transactions in "Financial Management Processing" page, accessed generally through Administration -> Finance -> Processing -> "Apply currency precision for rate/cost" field. But this option has no bearing on the calculation for NATURAL currency_type.