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Questions about token e-mail Portal 4.3.1


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CA API Developer Portal


We are trying to replicate the same sign-up flow but having our custom pages for the front-end. We got some questions about the token that it sends to the user's mail.
For every user who register, (after the admin accepted his request), it sends a link to the email that the user introduced in the form with a token.
Likewise, we supposed Reset password its doing the same thing as the sign-up with the token.

The questions are the next ones:

 1. Where is the token created? There is any relation with the user or it's a random token created for him. We can't even find documentation that how, or where the token is created.

2. There is any API available for consulting those tokens? We know that there is an API to check the token, but only answer true or false.


Release : 4.3.1

Component : API PORTAL


As per our development team, this is not a functionality we anticipated to expose externally, hence there is no documentation or PAPI calls available/documented.
Tokens are generated by the system randomly and are linked to the account information of the user. 

Tokens are generated on the fly based on the flow. Also, this feature is not available, externally via PAPI. You will need to raise a feature request for this...