RO *ALL,V xxxx,ONLINE not applyable for some systems
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RO *ALL,V xxxx,ONLINE not applyable for some systems


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


If spare volumes are added to a SMS Storage Group command 'RO *ALL,V xxx,ONLINE' is issued to vary the added volume online on all systems in the SYSPLEX.
However, on some systems with GDPS environment these volumes should be kept OFFLINE.
How to prevent the VARY ONLINE command from being issued on these systems?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


Use the SMSROUTE VKGPARM to issue the VARY ONLINE command to a group of defined systems only.

Following the description of this VKGPARM:


Configure the SMSROUTE system parameter value to hold a desired System
Group Name if you have a mixed sysplex where some systems have their
own, separate, disk environment and you do not want to route the same
vary online/offline command to all systems.

For example in the MVS system command:

ROUTE smsroute,VARY nnnn,ONLINE

smsroute is the System Group Name and nnnn is the device id number. The
command will be routed only to the LPARs that are members of the System
Group Name specified in smsroute.

You can direct the Vary Offline or Online command to:
* All systems in the sysplex
* A subset of the systems in the sysplex
(ROUTE smsroute,VARY nnnn,ONLINE)
* One system in the sysplex.
(ROUTE smsroute,VARY nnnn,ONLINE,where smsroute contains a
System Group Name with only one member or the name of a LPAR)

Specify the System Group Name in SMSROUTE you want to be the target of
the ROUTE command for Vary Offline or Online of volumes , when adding
volumes to DFSMS Storage Groups or other vary offline and online of
disks in CA Vantage.

A value different from *ALL, specifies that the command will be routed
to a subset of systems in the sysplex. The SMSROUTE value can be 3 to 4
characters and represents the set of systems to which the vary
online/offline command is to be routed. System Group Names are defined
by the installation.

You can define groups of systems to MVS by placing a list of systems in
ECSA, and addressing the list using the name/token services.

For more information, see the comments in SYS1.SAMPLIB member IEEGSYS.

       The default value is *ALL