XCOMJOB ignores retry parameters for TYPE=SCHEDULE transfers
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XCOMJOB ignores retry parameters for TYPE=SCHEDULE transfers


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I can see in the STC log for XCOM that it just keeps retrying and retrying i.e. the parameters on the batch job don't seem to affect/override the parms in the started task. The parameters do work if I use TYPE=EXECUTE.


Release : 12.0
Component : XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


For TYPE=SCHEDULE transfers, ALL retries are governed by the XCOM server’s FERL, SERL, TERL, AND VERL settings. Those settings CANNOT be overridden in the XCOMJOB TYPE=SCHEDULE job step. They are set in the server’s CONFIG member, a DEST member for the remote partner, or via an EXEC PARM for PGM=XCOMXFER.

TYPE=EXECUTE transfers can retry on a limited basis, meaning ONLY for initial session establishment errors. Other errors that occur after the connection has been made will not be automatically retried. SERL, TERL, AND VERL are used for those retries.
For further details please see related KB article: XCOM for z/OS retry functionality for TYPE=EXECUTE transfers