CA Deliver - Information Needed on Setting Up CA Deliver in a Test Environment


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CA Deliver CA View


The client would like information regarding the setting up of Deliver in a test environment.



Release : 12.2

Component : CA Deliver


Explained to client on the following:

. The CA Deliver RMOPARMS JOBCLSL and SYSCLSL are used for its pre-spool processing.
. The CA Deliver RMOPARMS NETCLSL/NETDEST/NETFORM are used for its post-spool processing.
. The CA Deliver RMOPARMS ARCHn=DIRECT[/...] and ARCHn=c/dest/form are used to direct output.

. The CA View SARINIT parms CLSL/DEST/FORM are used for report collection.
. The CA View SARINIT parms DAYS and TIME are used for running automatic View backups.
. The SDSF command "/F sarstc,DUMP" and "/F sarstc,NEW" are used for running adhoc backups.

. A CA View SARSTC task is used to do report collection and run backups.
. A CA Deliver RMOSTC task is used to process reports.