Setting portlet width in Grid portlet
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Setting portlet width in Grid portlet


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Is it possible for an end-user to configure the widths of columns in a grid portlet?  I've tried to change the widths using the gear, going to fields in the layout, and changing width (columns) and % but it has no effect in the UI.


Release : All supported Clarity releases


The portlet column width can be changed by doing the following:

(please try on your Project List portlet or another OOTB portlet):

1. Gear icon - Configure

2. Now go To List Columns - Fields

3. For the Column you'd like to change, click the Properties icon

4. Change the Column Width %

5. For example if you would like to increase it set up to 20%

6. Hit Save and Return

7. See the difference in a minute when the Portlet refreshes

8. Now try 50% and see the difference again 

If the change it's not very noticeable, you probably have too many columns in the views, when that happens, then Column Width % not working well anymore. 

In this case, try a different workaround such as add more text to the field's title label to get it to be larger.

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