How to configure Resource Planning/Allocation detailed / Time Scale view by user


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This article will walk you through how to customize the resource planning time scale value view for one resource. 


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1. Log in to Clarity as the user who the view should be changed for 

2. Go to Home -> Resources, and click on a resource

3. Click on the Allocations tab 

(This takes you to the general view, if you want to edit the detailed view instead which is where the Time Scale Value field is by default, click on the Allocations drop down, then select 'Detail')

4. Click on the Options (gear icon) on the right hand side 

5. Click on the List Column Sections tab and select 'Fields'

6. Click on the properties icon for the Allocation by Period field 

(This may be named something different if customized, so look under Display Type column for value "Time Scaled Value" if needed to help find it.)

7. Move the desired fields over from Selected 

  • If you just want to display Allocation, move Actuals over from Selected if there to Available 
  • For any fields you want to add to the TSV, move those over from Available to Selected

8. Rename the Column Label to the desired name of the time scaled value 

9. Uncheck Show Legend column if you want to remove the label next to the TSV field  

(if only one value is displayed such as Allocation, this may not be needed for the user)

10. Update the Rolling Date under Time Scale to Start of Current Month (or desired start time)

11. Make any other applicable changes. 

12. Click Save and Return and then Save and Return again

The other option to update the view is to update the configuration on the Team object for the partition the resources' are under, but this will make the change for all users in the partition. 

To undo a user's customizations to set them back to the object's default setup by partition, the user can navigate to the portlet and click Options(the gear icon)->Configure->General->Restore defaults if needed.