IAM does not start after installation 10.5 in folder with spaces


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After installation, the 10.5 Identity and Access Manager is not starting.  It was installed using the embedded database.  Starting at the command line gives the error "Error configuring Embedded Database.  The screen shot of the start up command, the log file, and the directory of the certs file are attached.



10.5 installation in a folder with spaces D: \  "Program Files" 


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


Enabling 8dot3 file naming on C: drive resolved the issue. 


Validate 8.3 File Naming is enabled and/or Enable 8.3 File Naming:

By default Windows Server Operating Systems enable 8.3 file names on the system drive (typically the C drive). System Administrators can turn this off on the system drive as well, so the issue may still be present.

However, it is NOT typically enabled on non-system drive(s) and this presents a problem when installations are performed to alternate (non-system) drives.

Validate 8.3 File naming is enabled or disabled:

  1. Open command prompt
  2. Type: cd c:\ <enter>
  3. Type: dir /x (/x will display the long and the 8.3 name)

You should see a file listing similar to:
<date> <time> <DIR> Progra~1  Program Files
<date> <time> <DIR> Progra~2  Program Files (x86)

The existence of the short 8.3 name "Progra~1" would indicate that 8.3 naming is enabled.

If you DO NOT see the short version name for a long folder name or a folder name with spaces. Then 8.3 file naming is NOT enabled on this drive and will likely cause an issue with services working correctly.
<date> <time> <DIR>                  Program Files
<date> <time> <DIR>                  Program Files (x86)

Steps to enable 8.3 file naming:

Note that local administrator privileges are required. When opening a command prompt to execute the commands, right click command prompt and select Run As Administrator.

  1. Open a command prompt (run as administrator)
  2. Type: fsutil 8dot3name query <enter>

The result should be similar to:
"The registry state of NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation is X..."

State Values:
0 = 8.3 file creation is enabled on all volumes on the system
1 = 8.3 file creation is disabled on all volumes on the system
2 = 8.3 file creation is enabled per volume on the system (default)
3 = 8.3 file creation is DISABLED on all volumes except the system volume

To Enable 8.3 System Wide (suggested):

  1. Open elevated (run as administrator) command prompt (if not still open)
  2. Type: fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0 <enter>

To Enable 8.3 per volume:

  1. Open elevated (run as administrator) command prompt (if not still open)
  2. Type: fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 <DriveLetter>: 0 <enter>

Once 8.3 is enabled, proceed for the DevTest installation.