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Apps count is always "empty" and never synced with Portal when using a Cassandra Database in OTK

- Scheduled Task "Portal Sync Application" in API Gateway is Enabled, executing the Policy with the same name;

- Policy "Portal Sync Application" includes "Portal Application Sync Fragment" Policy Fragment;

- "Portal API Key Count" is called in the Fragment and the result is stored in a variable called "apikeycount". 

Due to this, the App Sync does not return the right values.


When using MySQL Databases, a JDBC query is performed and the result count is stored in variable "apiKeyCount.count". When using Cassandra Databases, "Portal API Key Count" is called and the result is stored in a variable called "apikeycount". Since the return variable "postback" is created using "apiKeyCount.count" value, the Cassandra result is never used and the contents of "apiKeyCount.count" is empty.


- CA API Developer Portal 4.3.2

- CA API Gateway 9.4;

- CA OAuth Toolkit 4.3.1;

- OTK With Cassandra Database 



In the Portal Application Sync Fragment policy, you will need to add a Context Variable to set apiKeyCount.count.


You will need to set the Conext Varaibale after the Portal API Key Count as shown above.

In the Context Variable set a string variable named  apiKeyCount.count to equal apiKeyCount as shown above.  This will allow the policy to complete as expected. 


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