IDMS - DICMIG USMTPARMs Options to Consider Changing From The Default?
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IDMS - DICMIG USMTPARMs Options to Consider Changing From The Default?


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Are there any USMTPARMs that should be considered to be changed from the Default for Dictionary Migrator?



Release : 19.0

Component : Dictionary Migrator 


The following are the most common USMTPARM options that you might consider changing from the default depending on the type of migrations you are performing with Dictionary Migrator. 

DELADDS   (Use Delete and Add verbs for syntax)
*  -   Purpose: Instead of MODIFYING entities in the object dictionary,
*      delete the entity and add it later.
*  -   Default: Enitities will be modified whenever possible.
*  -   To invoke this option, code: DELADDS=Y
*  -   To use the default, code: DELADDS=N
*  -   Comments:  The MODIFY verb insures that existing relationships
*      in the object dictionary will not be lost when a migration
*      updates an entity.  In some circumstances, a user may wish to
*      still use DELETE/ADD.  If this option is used, syntax is created
*      without accessing the target dictionary;  also, the DDDLDEL file
*      contains valid syntax and should be part of the upload process.
*      Note:  This option invokes processing that is the same as
*      non-changeonly processing prior to release 12.0.

XEQUDAT   (Skip extraction of entities with equal dates)
*  -   Purpose: To avoid extraction of entites with equal dates where
*               timestamps are not supported in CHANGEONLY migration.
*  -   Default: Entities with equal dates and no time stamps will be
*               marked for extraction in a CHANGEONLY migration.
*  -   To invoke this option, code: XEQUDAT=Y
*  -   To use the default, code: XEQUDAT=N
*  -   Comments:  Date and Timestamps are used are the basis for
*      comparison in a CHANGEONLY migration. Where dates are equal
*      are no timestamp is supported, the entity will be marked for
*      extraction. This can result in unnecessary migration of many
*      entities. Elements are an example. By setting XEQUDAT=Y you
*      will avoid the migration of such entities.

DFLTOFF   (Default is OFF)
*  -   Purpose: Set Options for Sessions for the upload steps
*      of Dictionary Migrator to 'DEFALUT IS OFF'
*  -   Default:  'DEFAULT IS ON' is used.
*  -   To invoke this option, code: DFLTOFF=Y
*  -   To use the default, code: DFLTOFF=N
*  -   Comments:  This option affects the dispositon of ADD statements
*      during the upload steps.  When the default is used, if an ADD
*      statement is encountered for an entity occurrence already in
*      the dictionary, the ADD will be changed to a MODIFY.  With the
*      option DFLTOFF=Y, the ADD will be treated as an error, and no
*      update will occur.
*  -   Note: DEFAULT IS OFF is always used for records as the ADD
*      RECORD syntax is not compatible with the MODIFY command.

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