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Local file and remote test deployment


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Can a local file (like spreadsheet or csv file) be used in a test that will be executed remotely on a server with DevTest.

The test needs to be launched from a machine that does not have a local DevTest install but has a configuration file for the test.
Perhaps the test can be launched through a browser or with an API.


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


To include additional files in a test, a mar file can be used.
MAR files enable the bundling of the artifacts that are needed to run a test case, suite, virtual service, or CVS monitor. MAR files also make it easier to move artifacts from one project to another.

If there is no local DevTest install for the users that need to deploy the test, then the options for deploying a test are:
- The Portal
For running a test with options see:
- Test Invoke API
- LISA Invoke API

So in summary there are broadly 2 options if there is no local DevTest install:
1) Using the portal.
2) Using the API's

1) A test can be executed using the portal.
Select 'Manage -> Tests' and run the test (with or without options that let you set a property).
If the test needs a csv file, then this file needs to be on the server.
It can be managed on the server by using:
Manage -> Data Sets
This allows you upload and download a csv file that can be used in the test.

2) Using the API's requires the creation of a .mar file that includes the test, staging doc and data set (csv file).
As the .mar file can be viewed and edited by a utility like winzip, this allows updating the data set.
The .mar can then be executed from a browser or by using CURL or Postman.