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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


When running GT Subset against a Teradata database, we are getting the following error:
RDBMS error 2646: No more spool space in FLDOBFUSCATE. 

The DBA would like to know the SQL statement that is causing this error.



Release : 4.7

Component : CA Test Data Manager


The script output should show something similar to:

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version 64-Bit lob log: C:\Program Files\Teradata\client\16.10\Teradata Parallel Transporter/logs/L123.out

Job id is L123, running on MACHINE-ABC

When opening the Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) job log L123.out file with notepad++ there are several nonprintable characters shown with a black background.

For example: 





These characters can be ignored.

The log may show a section in readable format similar to:

     =              TERADATA PARALLEL TRANSPORTER 64-BIT               =

     =                                                                                                              =

     =            SQL DDL OPERATOR     VERSION                 =

The section of interest is the following: 

     =                                                                              =

     =                          SQL Requests                           =

     =                                                                              =

This should show the SQL statement and the response.

To easily read the full SQL statement, tick wordwrap in notepad++

Some forums mention tlogview for reading the log



For details about the spool space error see: http://kedar.nitty-witty.com/blog/no-more-spool-space-teradata-query-solution

Spool is temporary disk space used to hold intermediate rows during query processing, and to hold the rows in the answer set of a transaction.

Spool space is allocated to a user as a total amount available for that user, however this total amount is spread across all AMPS. This means if you’re allocated 200G of spool and you’re on a system with 24 AMPS, you’re allocated ~8.3G of spool on each AMP. If any AMP exceeds its allocated amount of spool during a transaction you submit, your query is cancelled with error: NO MORE SPOOL SPACE.